Brookwood Elementary School honor veterans one day early

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LEAWOOD, Kan. -- Students at one elementary school celebrated Veteran’s Day a day early by putting on a concert for local veterans.

It’s become an annual tradition for the students at Brookwood Elementary in Leawood, Kan.

They invite family members, friends and neighbors who are either active duty or retired, and this year a World War II vet spoke to the kids about prisoners of war and what it was like to fight for our country.

One Senior Airmen drove in from Omaha at the request of her cousin, and she appreciated how the kids made her feel welcome.

"This is the mission.  Seeing these kids and they’re thankful. They have food on their table, they have the right to wear what they want, do what they want, be with their families, and it’s an incredible feeling that we’re a part of that," Senior Airman Leslie Mallari, U.S. Air Force. "I remember being a kid and doing this things, and as a kid, I don’t think I knew how impactful they were. And now being on the other side of it, I’m not the kid singing, and it’s just, it meant the world to me, and I know it meant a lot to the veterans."

The students performed their Veteran’s Day concert a day early this year because they are out of school tomorrow.