Liberty woodworker attracting attention for 16-foot reindeer display

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LIBERTY, Mo. --  Christmas Day comes in less than two weeks. Chances are good that your yard -- or your neighbor's -- is decked out with holiday decorations.

It's from a garage workshop in Liberty that Santa's tallest helpers came.

Thirty-four-year-old Ryan Lunt says he saw a photo of giant reindeer on the internet, and using his woodworking skills, he made his own.

"The tallest one is just shy of 16 feet," Lund said.

Lunt's giant Christmas display is drawing traffic to see what he made using power tools and 24 sheets of painted plywood. The tallest of his reindeer nearly reaches the upper floors of his home.

"We enjoy that," Lunt said. "We're from a small town. It makes it more fun. There are always people waving, and neighbors coming over to talk."

And the woodworking is most of the fun for Lunt.

"You don't feel like you're working," Lunt said. "I get my son out to help me run a sander, and he's only four, but he loves to help dad."

Lunt wired up his display in early November, and since then, neighbors often drive past to see the giant deer.

When he's not flipping houses on the job, Lund is building furniture, as witnessed in the many home-crafted pieces scattered around his garage and living room.

"I am huge on a wow factor," Lunt explained. "Every gift I get for my wife, especially, I want her to be wowed. I don't want anything to be off a shelf."

But one neighbor, Tony Padilla, couldn't let Lunt keep all the reindeer games for himself. He raised his own very special contribution to the Lunt's reindeer team -- posting a plywood likeness of cartoon hunter Elmer Fudd in a nearby tree. Fudd's plywood pop-gun is pointed at Lunt's pantomime deer.

Ryan says he found it absolutely hysterical.

"(Tony) said, 'I apologize. I hope you don't mind'," Lunt laughed. "I think it's great."

And in the process, neighbors help one another find a moment of reindeer cheer.

Lunt tells FOX 4 News he's been approached by a theme park in Texas. The park's operators want him to re-create the wooden reindeer display for their front entrance.

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