Originally given probation for child rape, Johnson Co. man now going to prison

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OLATHE, Kan. -- A judge on Friday amended the sentence of a man who originally received three years probation for the rape of an 11-year-old girl.

Last month, Johnson County Judge James Franklin Davis sentenced Steven Bradford, 22, to three years of probation and a suspended jail sentence for the crime.

Prosecutors quickly filed a motion to have the sentence "corrected."

"It's been tough on her. For the most part, I've tried to keep her out of the courtroom," said the girl's foster-father, who FOX 4 is not identifying because doing so could also identify the girl.

The child admitted to sneaking out of her foster parents' home last summer and lying about her age to Bradford.

She told him she was 16 and they had sex inside his car.

But her foster-father and prosecutors say he is still responsible and should be sentenced accordingly.

"My daughter does not look 16-years old. My daughter does not act 16-years old and he coerced her into having sex," the foster-father said.

Less than 30 minutes after hearing from the girl, her foster dad, the prosecution and defense, Judge Davis overturned his initial ruling and sentenced Bradford to more than seven years for the rape of the 11-year-old.

Bradford and his family did not want to comment.

Once out of prison, Bradford will have to register as a child sex offender.

"It will follow him for the rest of his life, so I'm leaving satisfied that justice was served," said the father.

The girl is now in counseling.