Five-year-old receives bill after missing friend’s birthday party

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TORPOINT, UK— A five-year-old boy was billed after missing his friend’s birthday party.

Alex Nash opted to spend a day with his grandparents instead of attending a classmate’s birthday party at a ski and snowboard facility that he had previously confirmed he would attend the Plymouth Herald reported.

His father claimed he did not have contact information for the boy’s mother to let her know Alex had changed his mind and would no longer be attending the party.

It wasn’t long after the party that the five-year-old brought home an envelope in his backpack that contained an invoice for almost $24.

The invoice was from the friend’s mother for a “child’s party no show fee.”

The family initially thought the invoice was a joke, the father said.  That was until the couple claimed the family of the birthday boy threatened to take them to small claims court if the invoice was not paid.

Alex told his parents that since the incident, his friend will no longer play with him while at school.

Alex’s parents have been trying to resolve the issue via Facebook. The birthday boy’s parents have not commented publicly.