Sorority beauty appearance guidelines leaked in an email

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LOS ANGELES – The Alpha Chi Omega chapter at the University of Southern California has been receiving a lot of attention during rush week and it’s not for the quality of the rush they are putting on.

An anonymous source forwarded an email to Jezebel that outlined the sorority’s suggestions its members should abide by during rush week.

The guidelines featured in the email broke down exactly how the women were expected to look and dress during “polish week.”

The writer of the email didn’t hesitate to let the women of the chapter know exactly how they should compile their look from undergarments to makeup to hairstyle.

Some of the sorority’s recommendations included:

  • Spanx: “I cannot stress how important Spanx are to make you look your best. Even if you are very thin, Spanx will give you a better “line” when you wear clothes (no awkward bumps!). Plus you won’t have to worry about sucking it in all the time!”
  • Hair color:“Remember: Your hair needs to be one normal color. No crazy ombre, no color you wouldn’t see in nature.” The chapter recommended not dying hair prior to recruitment because “if you hat it/your hairstylist does a bad job, that won’t fly.”
  • Waxing: “Eyebrows shape your face. Bad eyebrows will make you look less beautiful than you actually are,” so the chapter recommended that the women of the chapter purchase a kit or see a professional.
  • Hair style: The chapter also required its members to have either straight or curly hair, no waves because “damaged, frizzy hair is not going to attract PNMs,” referring to potential new members.
  • Makeup: “If you are not wearing makeup, I will stop you and apply it myself.”
  • Fitness: “Stay away from fried and super sugary foods. Your face will seriously brighten up. Also, exercise. Start now.”

The email was written in 2013, but the anonymous tipster told Jezebel that “They’re definitely still doing it.”

Read the full email below.