New WGN series filmed in Missouri brings mixed reviews from area residents

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BUCKNER, Mo. -- Buckner, Missouri may soon be known nation-wide as "Outlaw Country." The town of about three-thousand people 30 miles east of Kansas City is the setting for a new WGN series, and not everyone is happy about it.

Cameras record as two officers try to catch a couple brothers who they believe are responsible for crime in their small town. Police say the brothers, named John and Josh Monk, are life-long criminals who haven't stopped their tricks.

While others, including the Monks, try to prove they're not to blame.

Many people FOX 4 spoke to off camera say they're not happy the show takes place in Buckner. They say it's a quiet, safe place that's made to look dangerous for the Hollywood cameras.

Others say they're excited to see their town on national television.

"Everybody's gonna like it," said Eric Williamson. "It's all about Buckner. So we've gotta watch it."

While Lona Fisher says she's just interested to see what all the fuss is about.

"We want to see it. Buckner's quiet, so when somebody said it was gonna be on, it was like- what?" said Fisher.

"Outlaw Country" airs on WGN Tuesday night at 9:00.