Several accidents, traffic running slow due to slick road conditions

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Tricky driving conditions have caused a few accidents early Friday morning.

FOX 4 has reports of accidents on southbound 169 highway past 9 highway, just before the Broadway Bridge. The accident has caused bumper to bumper traffic. A car reportedly spun out and was blocking the right lane. A semi that couldn’t fit through the opening forced the closure of the highway.   A tow truck is on the scene working to remove the vehicle, but traffic continues to back up.

Another accident occurred on westbound Interstate70 past Broadway  towards the Lewis and Clark viaduct. Interstate- 70 is down to one lane due to the accident. A tow truck is headed to the scene.

There is another accident on northbound Interstate-35 at Front Street blocking the left lane.

All three accidents occurred on elevated surfaces.

Watch FOX 4 newscasts for alternative routes from Nick Vasos.

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Difficult morning for driving…. and it’s just going to continue to be tricky and hazardous later today and into the weekend. Mark, Loren, Nick, Michelle, Kerri, Kim, and Joe are on it for you—>

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