Doctor claims you can prevent certain cancers and diseases by changing your diet

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A New York doctor says you can live longer and help prevent cancer and other diseases just by adjusting your diet, according to WNYW.

WNYW reports that in his new book “The Gene Therapy Plan” Dr. Mitchell Gaynor says we don’t live in the world our grandparents did. Our environment bombards us every day with pollution, toxins and processed food containing refined sugar and dangerous fats.

According to WNYW, Dr. Gaynor recommends that people should eat turmeric to fight cancer. He also suggests that people should eat black raspberries, garlic, rosemary and oregano.

To fight heart disease, Dr. Gaynor suggests that people eat saffron, greek yogurt, sauerkraut,olive oil and apples.

To prevent diabetes, Dr. Gaynor told WNYW that he suggests eating cinnamon, brown rice or whole grains, coconuts and chia seeds.