Celebrity chef and TV host in town to try some unique Kansas City cuisine

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A celebrity chef with a reputation for trying a large variety of bizarre foods was in Kansas City Tuesday checking out some of the area’s unique cuisine.

Ants, cow brains, all those food we’re too afraid to try, Andrew Zimmern has eaten without hesitation. His show, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, has been running for a decade. Now, he’s come to Kansas City.

“Kansas City is on fire,” he said. “In a good way.”

It’s led him to The Local Pig in Westport.

“There’s folks that live three blocks from here that don’t understand that to do some of the work to do the kinds of food that they may like when their friends come here, actually starts with a pig’s head that gets sawed and cooked. That to me is the essence of what this show is about,” Zimmern said.

The Local Pig’s menu is a little different. Owner, Alex Pope, uses every part of the animal whether it is beef, pig or lamb.

“I was just pleasantly surprised. We’ve been putting out weird things for a while and I’m glad someone finally finds them a little exciting,” said Pope.

He says he received a call to be featured on the show about six to eight weeks ago.

Zimmern will feast on smoked pigs head and spleen rolled with bacon.

A huge champion of Kansas City, Zimmern has been back countless times to enjoy the best of what we have to offer.

“I come with my friends; go to a baseball game, football game. Hang out for a couple of days. Eat some BBQ,” said Zimmern.

With the growing food scene, it wasn’t a hard decision to come back to film.

“Food is good. Food with a story is better. Food with a story most people aren’t aware of is best of all. I think places like this, that's what we have here,” he said of The Local Pig.

The television crew continued to tape at The Local Pig’s butcher shop in the east bottoms.

They will also be at Kauffman Stadium Wednesday night where Zimmern has a stand.