Joe’s Weather Blog: Massive wind storm blows through (FRI-6/26)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Good morning…it seems every few years we have one of these big wind generators that blow through the region and rearrange the trees around these parts…and early this morning was one of them. Storms fired up during the later evening hours yesterday in NE KS and swept through KC…as they did so the winds just rushed out of the storms about the time they made it through the KC area. You’ll see below the severe weather reports received thus far. Notice how the wind damage reports start essentially on top of KC. At one point well over 120,000 customers were without power in the KC area…but power is being restored quickly now.


Today: Variable clouds and mild with highs near 80°. The better rain chances will be south of KC this morning however I wouldn’t be shocked if there were a few showers from KC northwards as well.

Tomorrow: Overall a nice day with highs in the 80s

Sunday: Warmer with scattered storms possible. Highs Sunday well into the 80s again.


Like many of you…I was impressed by the storms that blew through the region last night. Heavy rains…1/2″-3″ or so fell in a relatively short time…combined with winds from 40-80 MPH did a number on tree limbs/trees etc. Power is quickly coming back now. Here are the severe weather reports.



Click on the images above to make them more readable…

One problem that aggravated the situation are the saturated soils that are through the region. Trees have an easier time coming down in the softer soil conditions than at other times…so with all the rain we’ve had…we’re almost really set up for this…now and into the immediate future.

There are numerous pictures of the damage on our FB page and also on our twitter feed @fox4wx

In addition, with all the rain that came with the storms…there is additional flooding happening…so watch for the low lying areas.


Here are the rain totals as indicated on doppler radar.


The main cluster of storms has weakened…the satellite picture shows the breaks in the clouds across N MO now…we probably won’t totally clear out…but at least here will be breaks in the clouds I think in the afternoon.

KCI is now up to 7.31″ of rain since 6/1 and 23.92″ since the start of the year (total precipitation). we’ve had 17.56″ since 5/1 as well which is either the 2nd or 3rd wettest 5/1-today period in KC weather history.






Pretty darn impressive!

Our next chance of decent storms will be on Sunday. We will be in a comfortable air mass on Saturday then a more humid air mass and warmer too on Sunday. With a front coming into that warmer and more humid air mass, there may be at least scattered storms in the region + the front will be moving in at max heating time (or close to it)…so there will be that added ingredient as well. Highs on Sunday may surge to 85-90°.

We’ll have several more chances of rain into next week as well with various cold fronts

Have a great day…and enjoy at least some less hot weather for a couple of days.






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