Business owner says flooding in Sugar Creek could have been prevented

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SUGAR CREEK, Mo. -- Flooding left portions of Sugar Creek underwater Monday night after strong wind and heavy rain moved through the metro, but business owners say the flooding could have been prevented.

According to a worker at Conoco in the area, water began creeping up at 6 p.m. Businesses such as Taco Bell, Title Max and Best Buy Car Company were among those damaged.

Mark Cosgrove of Best Buy Car Company posted a video on Instagram Monday afternoon that showed the majority of the vehicles at his business underwater. Cosgrove said he doesn't believe he'll be able to sell the vehicles because of the water damage. He was also complaining about a storm drain being blocked, which he says caused a majority of the flooding. Cosgrove said he believes the blockage prevented water from going into Sugar Creek, which resulted in water covering in the road.

Thelma Jordan who owners a liquor store next to the car company said a storm drain pipe broke a few years ago but has never been repaired. The break caused the ground sink in next to the car dealer.

"Nobody does anything," Jordan says. "I've been trying for a year to get it fixed because I told them all that it was going to flood, and it's going to ruin my business."

Jordan said at first the break was a large hole in the ground, so the owner of the car dealer filled it rocks because he feared that someone would fall into it.

The high water also caused 24 Highway at Northern, which is along the Sugar Creek and Independence border,  to close until 1 p.m. Tuesday. The road has since reopened.

FOX 4 contacted MoDOT to try to determine who is responsible for repairing the broken storm drain pipe, but has not heard back.

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