Northland neighborhoods cleanup severe weather aftermath

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Strong winds on Monday tore down trees and left behind a lot of damage in the highland acres lakeside heights neighborhood.

"We have no chain saw so we're kind of stuck in that regard," said Brenda Dedelow, a homeowner.

Dedelow arrived home Monday evening to find not one, not two, but five large trees down in her backyard. Broken limbs smashed her daughters' swing set, and scared off the family's pet cat.

"My daughters were upset when they saw the backyard especially with the playground," Dedelow said. "There were definite tears and my oldest daughter actually wants to plant new trees. She wants to come out and dig, plant new trees. We get rid of the old ones. Maybe that's something we can do as a family, kind of restore the backyard and home."

A nearby park looks like a war zone with metal siding caught in tree branches, and debris everywhere.

Saturated soil left some trees uprooted, while others were snapped into pieces by the force of nature. That's keeping cleanup crews busy.

"It seems like once a week we're getting stuff similar to this all over town," said Nathan Wilson, of Grasshopper General Contractor.

Unless a downed tree lands on your home, most insurance policies only pay $500 to cover clean up. Cutting up and hauling off a mature tree can easily cost ten times that amount.

For some homeowners where the damage isn't covered by insurance, or won't exceed their deductible, it may take weeks to get things back to normal.