Grown-up coloring books help adults unwind and hang out with their inner child

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — These in-demand books have no words or even color.

Adult coloring books are all the rage. So much so that Vivien Jennings of Rainy Day Books has to keep restocking. She says that these books are a source of relaxation.

“The idea is that you just all of a sudden you are just quiet and you’re doing something very quiet and it allow your mind to still,” says Jennings.

The anti-stress, art therapy is in such demand that Hallmark created its own grown-up coloring book. Hallmark Editorial Director Carrie Bolin says it’s a trend that’s not going away.

“It’s also you know kind of a nostalgic kind of thing. It takes people back to childhood and a simpler time where they didn’t have many stresses and worries in their lives,” says Bolin.

From concept to production, it only took two months and nine artists to create “The Art of Hallmark.” A normal book would’ve taken the company twice as long to finish.

“I’ve colored some myself, it is really relaxing,” says Bolin.

That’s the idea. It’s an opportunity to practice mindfulness. These coloring books target the stressed out adult, distracted by technology.

“They’re on their [cell phones] all the time. So it’s an anecdote to the thumbs,” Jennings says with a laugh.

And as simple as it is, Jennings says the trend is here to stay.