Thinking of others, KC teen steered truck off road but tree branch impaled him

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KANSAS CITY, Mo – A metro teen survives a car crash and being impaled by a tree branch. Now, he’s telling his terrifying story.

The 14- year-old’s dad fainted behind the wheel and the truck they were in crashed into a tree. A thick branch went through the teen’s groin and he spent three months in the hospital. Now a metro teen is going through physical therapy in hopes of getting out of his wheelchair and back onto the baseball field.

Tyler Davis used to spend most of his time on the baseball field.

“I was hitting off a tee before I could crawl. My dad gave me a bat and I hit it.”

Tyler’s dad was driving the teen to practice in May when he fainted behind the wheel.

“The truck was speeding out of control so I tried to steer it out of the way of other cars… so it wouldn't hurt anybody.”

In an effort to stop the truck, Tyler drove it into a ditch.

“I didn't want anybody to get hurt. And if somebody had to get hurt I wanted it to be me.”

The truck crashed into a tree and within an instant… “There was a tree that went through the dash and went straight through me.”

In shock, Tyler looked down and realized a thick branch went through the dash, through his groin, then through his seat.

“I started screaming for help.”

Johnson County deputy Sheriff Jeffrey Martinez happened to be on his way home from work and stopped to help.

“If he wouldn't have been there I probably would've died. I definitely would've died.”

Still, Tyler told first responders to help his dad first.

“Because he's my dad...simple as that.”

Tyler’s dad was okay, but the teen wasn’t. He was airlifted and spent several months in the hospital.

“Up over your head like this.”

After 20 surgeries, Tyler was released from the hospital. He can walk with help and doctors say it will be a long road but regardless of what doctors have planned Tyler says he will be back out on the field with his biggest fan: his dad.

“I still feel it. It's still painful but I just try and get through it.”

Tyler’s goal is to be out of rehab in six weeks.