Chiefs fans pumped up for playoffs

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Fans poured out of Arrowhead Stadium Sunday afternoon, celebrating the win that puts the Chiefs in the playoffs.

Logan Conway said, “That was awesome! It was close but they pulled through so it’s alright.” Cold temps and strong winds didn’t stop the momentum. Conway said, while pointing at his beanie and jacket, “Look at this. We’re like in Hawaii right now, doesn’t matter. It’s fine!”

Shaun McNamara said he bit off all his fingernails, even though he had gloves on. “It was tough. It was a long game. We had to work really hard for it. But we worked it out and we won.” It was close at the end. It came down to the final seconds, but the Browns ran out of time and the Chiefs hung on.

Sara Tuncten said, “Honestly, it was a little nerve-wracking because they weren’t doing too well at the end but they pulled through like we knew we would and it was so much fun!”

This is the first time in Kansas City history both the Chiefs and the Royals have gone to the playoffs in the same year. Another fun fact: the Chiefs haven’t lost a game since the Royals were in the World Series earlier this year.