KC man accused of assaulting mail carrier for not delivering his check

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The attack on a letter carrier out delivering mail during her February 10th shift has led to a federal charge against a 22-year-old Kansas City man.

Willie Rimpson faces the assault charge filed in the Western District of Missouri. The charge asserts that he attempted to ‘forcibly assault, resist, oppose, impede, interfere with and inflict bodily injury on a federal employee engaged in the performance of official duties of carrying and delivering United States mail.’

According to an affidavit in the case, the incident occurred near 38th and Mrytle Avenue in Kansas City, Mo., at about 12:15 p.m.

The postal carrier was parked at that location and organizing the mail to deliver to the block when she noticed a man approaching her vehicle. She identified him as ‘Willie’, whom she knew prior to this encounter.

She said she handed Rimpson the mail but said he appeared angry, asking her ‘Where’s my check?’

The mail carrier reported that she told him she did not have a check for him today.

She said Rimpson walked back toward his house and she began walking north to her next delivery.

Then she says Rimpson came up behind her and put her in a choke hold with his arm around her neck. She says she yelled ‘Let me go’ and said Rimpson replied, ‘Not until I get my check.’

She said she was able to get away from Rimpson by swinging her arms back and forth. She said she continued to deliver the rest of the mail for that black, but as she walked back to her vehicle, she said she saw Rimpson come out his house. She tried to walk faster but said Rimpson got to her before she could leave in her vehicle. She said he blocked her from opening the vehicle door. After a struggle, she said she was able to push him away from her vehicle, get inside and drive away.

Later in the day when postal inspectors questioned Rimpson, they noticed what appeared to be fresh scratch marks on his forearms, which he claimed he did to himself. The inspectors say he claimed he was ‘playing around’. They say Rimpson admitted what he did was inappropriate and that he said he would not do it again.

The affidavit points out that the mail carrier was dressed in her United States Postal Service uniform during the assault.