Large chipmunk statue stolen from area woman’s house

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- The search continues for a missing chipmunk. It’s actually a five foot statue that belongs to Yvette Marchetti.

It’s not everyday that you run into a giant chipmunk. So when Marchetti found Chippy three years ago, “I wrestled it into my car and he came to live with me,” she said.

She noticed Chippy needed eye repair. That’s why Marchetti dropped the chipmunk off at a friend’s place in Independence where he vanished a week later.

“I felt crushed. He was such a cool thing that’s been around for so long. Everyone who comes around me knows about this giant ridiculous chipmunk that I have,” she said.

Take a closer look at Chippy, you might even recognize him as the shy and loving Theodore of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Marchetti said her Chippy was used to promote the 2014 movie "Chipwrecked."

“From our eyes as artists, he’s worth something more to us because we want to make him better than what he is already. I can’t help but think its some jerk punk that saw this giant chipmunk for themselves,” Marchetti said.

Besides Chippy’s Hollywood history, Marchetti was hoping to use her artistic talents to transform the statue into another character. She envisioned Hunter S. Thompson, the chipmunk.

“That was the end goal, to make something interesting and unique with this big thing that nobody else would have and put it in a place where people could appreciate it,” she said.

Marchetti said the chipmunk was stolen not too far from her house off Hawthorne and 24 Highway in Independence.