Merriam Council passes two changes impacting city pets

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MERRIAM, Kan. -- Changes are on the way in Merriam that will have an impact on the city’s four-legged residents. City Council voted in favor of the two changes Monday night.

The amended city code has to do with reducing the amount of time stray animals stay in the shelters, plus a new rule regarding how many pets owners can have without getting a special permit.

Currently residents are only allowed to own two dogs, and two cats.

With a special permit from the city, residents could then add an additional dog, cat or both for a maximum of six pets. The city will now do away with that process, and will just allow people to have three dogs, and three cats without any special permit.

This change means residents wanting six pets won’t have to pay the $75 fee associated with that permit. It appears the changes will lighten the load for animal control officers.

“We would have to send our animal control officers out go ask the neighbors if it was okay, and so we’re just streamlining that process and saying you don’t have to come and ask for a special permit,” said Merriam Police Chief Michael Daniels.

The other change will mean stray animals will only stay in the shelter for three days instead of five. That move is in an effort to accommodate the Great Plains SPCA, after it closed its location on 67th Street in Merriam.