Overland Park leaders to discuss future of Old Brookridge Country Club for a second time

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Overland Park leaders will discuss the future of the Old Brookridge Country Club for a second time on Monday, but some people in the community are still not happy about it.

The big concern revolves around the traffic in the area due to the busy road and the nearby highway. Neighbors living in the development say it’s dangerous to turn onto the busy street, which is why they are asking the developer to put in an access road.

The proposed master plan includes a walkable retail area, an office and residential center, executive hotels, and more than 2,000 apartment units. In early February, the planning commission voted in favor of rezoning, but this isn't the first time the commission has approved it.  Back in August, the project was sent to city council to review, but there were concerns about building height and traffic improvements impacting the area homes. So they send it back for further review.

The council will once again consider the rezoning plans Monday at the city council meeting, and the meeting is expected to draw a big crowd.

“Our neighborhood is trapped inside our community for outside,” President of Orchards Condominium Abbie Rowe said. “We cannot get in or out. And if this development passes without an extra access road for the orchards your Antioch Road we are going to be in a dangerous situation. It's already not very tolerable for us.”

The meeting is Monday at 7:30 p.m., in city hall.