Parfaits, pinwheels and muffins highlight healthy creations dished out by future chefs

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- There isn't the drama of reality television, but some fifth graders in Grandview learned on Monday that the heat can get intense in the kitchen, but it’s worth it in the end.

Zabrina Bybee hasn't spent a lot of time in the kitchen at home, but she made breakfast muffins on Monday.

“I like that they`re easy to make,” said Bybee.

She was one of seven fifth graders from the Grandview School District participating in a 2016 Future Chefs Challenge. The kids get the hats, aprons, chef coats, ingredients, and supplies, and a chance to learn with kids their age how to cook a healthy breakfast.

“They want to cook, and they want to learn,” said Wendy San Angelo.

Kurtis Frederick surprised himself with how much he enjoyed cooking.

“I like to do a lot of things, but cooking wasn`t really one of them, well I didn`t think so, but my grandma, she told me that I should try making pizza eggs,” said Frederick.

In the end, as he laid out his garnishes with the help of a food manager from a Grandview school, he was pretty proud of himself.

“I realized it`s pretty hard, but it`s fun,” said Frederick. “It feels kind of nice that at ten I`m already learning a life lesson that I can go back to at 40.”

That’s one thing the adults helping these kiddos out say they love to see, kids leaving with a new skill and some confidence.

“I hope it gives them the courage to keep on doing this,” said Wendy San Angelo.

"I thought it was sooo easy, but when I actually started I realized it was really, really hard and stressful," said Kurtis Frederick. "I just want to, you know, thank my Grandma for always cooking me breakfast."

The kids we talked to said they didn't care much about winning, they just thought the experience was pretty cool. There is a regional and national competition that the winning student could advance to- later in the year.