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CDC reports second Missourian tests positive for Zika virus

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- A pregnant woman from Missouri who recently traveled to Honduras has the state's second case of the Zika virus. The Centers for Disease Control says that tests confirm the woman is infected, and the Kansas City Health Department says the woman does not reside in the metro area.

Earlier in March a man who traveled to Haiti was the first person in the state to get the virus. Both Haiti and Honduras are known areas for Zika transmission, which can be spread through mosquito bites, unprotected sex and blood transfusions. Additionally, pregnant women can pass Zika to their baby.

It's unknown how the woman contracted the virus. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services says that nearly 80 percent of patients won't exhibit symptoms, those that do typically have mild fever, rash, joint soreness and eye irritation.

While there are two cases of Zika in Missouri, there still haven't been any cases reported due to mosquito bites in the state. The CDC is planning a summit for Friday that will outline an action plan in the event that cases of local transmission begin to emerge.

For more information from the CDC, click on this link.