New study from CDC shows playground concussions are on the rise

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Parents hear a lot about concussions in the NFL, college and even high school football, but according to a new report, more kids than ever before are getting concussions in back yards and on the school playgrounds.

A new study from the CDC shows that playground concussions are on the rise. Most of the injuries have been linked to kids playing on swing sets and monkey bars.

Researchers looked at playground injuries to kids 14 and under who were treated in the emergency room. From ages 5 to 9, most of the injuries were to young boys. Concussions accounted for 10-percent of the injuries.

Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury caused by one blow or a series of hits to the head. Some have been known to cause brain damage.

Researchers suggest using soft ground surfaces such as wood chips and sand rather than concrete. Adult supervision is also key to help prevent injuries. Age appropriate playground equipment that is in good condition is also helpful.

Researchers say the increase may be due to more parents taking their kids into the ER or more kids are using playground equipment.