Truck smashes into apartments in Edwardsville, Kan.

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EDWARDSVILLE, Kan. -- A metro family has nowhere to sleep tonight after they say a man drove his truck into their apartment and then took off.

FOX 4's Molly Balkenbush went to Sun River Apartments off of River Falls Road.

The families who live in the bottom apartment and the one above it had to evacuate after the crash on Saturday afternoon.


Just on the other side of a destroyed wall is a couch where a woman said her boyfriend was sitting moments before the crash.

They said they heard a loud sound and felt a rumble and said it felt like an earthquake.

Then the couple said the truck pulled out of the complex afterwards and backed into their car, and then drove off.

They said they are just relived their child and newborn baby weren't in the apartment at the time of the crash.

The couple said they don't have renter's insurance, but they do have car insurance.

It is unknown if the driver of the truck is in police custody at this time.