AMBER ALERT: 15-year-old girl abducted after shooting in KC

Report: Police approach KC Trolley Trail flasher suspect and find him with zipper down, privates exposed

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Police arrested a man who they said was exposing himself to women on the Trolley Trail near the area of 83rd and Main Street.

Police sources said when the man was approached by officers last Tuesday his zipper was undone and he was exposed.

Women who use the trail regularly said the incident is alarming.

“That’s scary, it freaks me out because I use this trail at least every day,” Emily Herre said. “At least I run with my dog so thankfully it’s a big dog.”

Police said the man was cited with indecent exposure. FOX 4 isn’t airing the 21-year-old man’s name because he has not yet been formally charged.

“I have some friends that live right over here so it’s scary because I come over here every so often, or every other day,” Herre said.

In April of last year police beefed up patrols on the trail after an athletic team reported a suspicious man who had been watching them for weeks. The joggers said he would watch from a nearby parking lot and they felt uncomfortable enough to call police.