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Bates County Sheriff’s Office waives cost of CCW Permits for residents

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BATES COUNTY, Mo. — The Bates County Sheriff’s Office announced on Monday that they will waive the cost of the CCW Permits through the end of June.

The Sheriff’s Office posted the announcement to Facebook and said the offer will be extended to Bates County residents only. Bates County is approximately 60 miles southeast of Kansas City.

“I feel that I have a Duty to Protect the Citizens while here in Bates County and allow them to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones while they are away,” Sheriff Anderson said in the post. “I will continue to pray for peace for our country and the world. But I will not put blinders on and act like this can not happen here or to people we know and love.”

The Sheriff’s Office says they made the decision to waive the costs, “in┬áthe wake of continued attacks against Americans on American soil.”

The Sheriff’s Office also intends to host a CCW Class on July 9. Those who attend will receive their 5-year permit at not cost and the course will be free. Classes are limited to 30 people. If the class is full, then you may be put on a wait list for a future course. Those interested should call the Sheriff’s Office at (660) 679-3232.

“I want to say a Big Thank You to the Law Enforcement and First Responders Community for what you are willing to sacrifice for our nation at home,” Sheriff Anderson added. “While this will be debated on so many different levels please remember that your local first responders are the ones that will be there ready at a moments notice to handle any of these threats.”