KCK officers send supplies to first responders working in Baton Rouge floods

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Those who have been spending day and night helping the flood victims in Baton Rouge are getting a little help themselves thanks to a kind gesture from officers right here in the metro.

"First responders there have been wearing the same gear basically, been soaked for the last 7-10 days," said Sgt. Gregg Dorsett with the Kansas City, Kan. Police Department.

On Tuesday, President Obama traveled to Louisiana to meet with government leaders and folks impacted by the historic and deadly floods. About 100,000 homes across the state have been damaged for destroyed. The president vowed to provide whatever federal resources are needed to rebuild the devastated area.

Among those Obama met with were first responders. One police officer in KCK said he's extending a helping hand to those brave men and women who are in desperate need of supplies.

FOX 4's Sean McDowell was at KCK Police South Patrol to learn more on the outside effort.

People in the Pelican State have been battling flood waters for two weeks now, and that includes first responders, some of whom are now asking for a little help.

Like those people they are helping, those first responders have also seen their supplies lost to the floods.

Sgt. Dorsett said he noticed a Facebook post from the East Baton Rouge Emergency Medical Service, in which one of that agency's officers sent a plea to the public that EMS crews are in need of duty boots, much like the ones Dorsett wears, as well as belts and socks.

Dorsett said that group has likely been wearing the same boots and socks for ten days. That can be tough, and new duty boots could certainly help them do their job.

"Had a couple officers that said, 'Hey, I got a brand new pair sitting in the closet I haven't used yet this year, and I don't need them,' and no questions asked, I just give them up," Dorsett said. "That's what we do. We take care of each other so we can take care of the public.

Dorsett told FOX 4 that his department has received an outpouring of kindness and support this year from across the nation after losing two officers in the line of duty. This, he said, is an opportunity to pay some of that kindness back.