Raytown school district announces car giveaway to boost attendance

RAYTOWN, Mo. -- You don't have to go on the Price is Right to win a new car if you're a Raytown high school student. You just need to go to class.

“I am excited. I need a new car,” said Maddi Pragman, a senior.

“Having a car is something that a lot of kids, everyone, would really appreciate,” said another senior, Kalee Clark.

Two lucky students are going to get keys to a new car for doing something already expected of them: attending class.

The Raytown school district is behind the new incentive, and while it's an incentive for students, it can also boost school funding.

“I feel like it just really motivates kids to come to school, and gives them a positive to look forward to every day,” added Pragman.

“They're showing that they're willing to put that effort into the students, the money, whatever it's worth, and I think that's amazing,” said Cecilie Fowler, a student who is also Student Council President.

Students at Raytown High School a big surprise at their back to school pep rally today.

“How can we boost it? How can we get kids excited about coming to school? Because kids today need to be motivated by something,” said Dr. Allan Markley, the Superintendent of Schools For Raytown.

The district superintendent announced its attend-to-win attendance incentive.

At the end of the school year, sophomores, juniors, and seniors who achieve an average attendance rate of 95 percent or higher will have a chance to win a brand new Ford Focus.

One student at Raytown South High School will also get a car.

“What student, going off to college, or getting that first job, doesn't need a car to get there?” Dr. Markley questioned.

Students who have at least a 95-percent attendance rate each month will get his or her name into the drawing for the car. A student can earn up to seven entries in the school year.

“I thought that was a good way to bring positivity to Raytown, I think it's going to be good for the students and have good motivation for us to be in school,” said another student, Kalee Clark.

“I feel like people are actually going to show up to school,” jokes Pragman with a giggle.

“This shows that they really do care about us; they really do care about our education,” Fowler said.

“Some people are wondering, 'Why are you spending money on cars?' Well the reality is, if we raise the percentage by .2 percent, that pays for the car,” said Markley, “If we raise the attendance percentage by 1 percent at the high schools, that gives us an additional $100,000 from the state.”

The winner of the car at each high school will be announced on Friday, May 12, the last day for seniors.

The district partnered with Raytown's Dick Smith Ford for the attendance project.