Trash service suffers in Kansas City as WCA Waste struggles to find drivers who can pass drug tests

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There is a growing mess problem in the metro area. Late last year, WCA Waste Corporation bought out Town and Country Waste Disposal, and a spokesperson said with that acquisition came lots of problems.

One major hurdle is hiring quality drivers who can pass drug tests. FOX 4's Robert Townsend went to one neighborhood where the trash is sticking around a little longer than it used to.

Residents in this south Kansas City neighborhood are tired of seeing (and smelling) their old trash staying on the curb so late in the day.

"No later than 10 o'clock, it's gone. Used to be. But now it's lingering on until like midday," resident Lloyd Clayton Sr. said.

Clayton said for the last few weeks, he's noticed plastic bags, trash bins, and all kinds of boxes full of rubbish sitting by his curb.

WCA Waste is responsible for picking up that trash. Tom Koffman, a spokesman for the company, said they are still experiencing heavy delays right now with trash pick-ups because WCA is still in the process of hiring "quality trash truck drivers."

Koffman said several past drivers who are no longer with the company either failed drug tests or refused to be tested. He said the company is also struggling to find drivers who are physically fit.

Clayton said he just wants some good drivers on the road and all that trash picked up.

FOX 4 was told the company is close to hiring between 30 and 40 new drivers. Hopefully, when those new drivers begin their routes in the next two weeks, that trash service will return to normal.