Gun found in student’s backpack at North Kansas City High School

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A junior at North Kansas City high school remains out of class after staff members found a gun in his backpack.

Tuesday morning police were called to the high school.

While the student who brought the gun did not threaten any students or staffers, the district said safety is the number one priority.

"Fairly close to right after school I got a phone call, and it was just explaining what had happened, and basically telling me to be aware of what happened, and that a kid brought a gun to school and they got it all handled," said Finnegan Dwyer, a Sophomore at NKC High School.

Students said their parents got a phone call from the school district after a student brought a gun to school.

"Anybody could have a gun in their backpack, and you don’t know who. Just kind of scares me," added Dwyer.

Many students didn't even know what happened until their parents called them frantically to ask about the message.

"Oh my gosh, are you okay? What happened? Do you know who it was?" Cody Beatty, a Junior at NKC High School, recalled.

The district won't disclose many specifics about the student who brought the gun, but a spokesperson confirmed it was a male student in the junior class, and he remains out of school.

"They searched him, and they found it, and they said they got him off campus within 20 minutes," Dwyer said.

The district won't said how the gun turned up, but police went to the school around 9 a.m. Tuesday morning to deal with it.

The district points out, the student didn't get belligerent or aggressive and cooperated fully.

The district said in a statement that its safety and security procedures proved successful.

"Police were on site at North Kansas City High School this morning in response to a gun that was found in a student’s backpack.  The student was never belligerent, nor aggressive, and cooperated fully.  At no time were students nor staff members threatened.  Our safety and security procedures proved successful. Student safety is of utmost importance to our district, and a primary need that must be met in order to provide extraordinary educational experiences."

"I wasn’t necessarily concerned, because the staff here cares about the students here," Beatty added. "They handled it very well."

Some students said this is typically a very safe school, and they don't think the student intended to actually harm anyone.

"Kids talk, they brag about stuff," said Beatty. "I believe it was more attention based, if anything."

Because of all the shootings happening in the world, some students think taking extra precautions might be necessary. Some parents have even discussed the idea of getting metal detectors.