Kansas City dad’s death in tragic accident a loss felt throughout neighborhood

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An argument between husband and wife took a deadly turn; a freak accident stemmed from their fight. A 40-year-old Kansas City man died after a car ran him over Tuesday night near Sni-A-Bar and Blue Ridge Cutoff.

Family members describe it as a tragic accident. One argument led to a metro husband losing his life in his quiet, tucked away neighborhood.

“I know everybody on the block. We all try to be friendly to one another, be available to help one another if they need it.”

Dale Heil has lived on the same block for decades. Each night around midnight, he looks out his window to make sure everything is okay with his neighbors.

“I looked out and didn`t see anything, everything was quiet,” Heil said.

Heil had no idea, after he closed his eyes, his neighbor Kevin Logan died in the street just outside his home. Heil confirmed to FOX 4, Logan’s facebook page.

“I'm stunned. Kind of at a loss of words.”

Family says Logan and his wife got into a heated argument. Family members say Logan’s wife grabbed their 4-year-old son and tried to escape. Police say she got into her car and Logan jumped on top of it attempting to stop her. Logan fell off, landing in the street. In the same moment, a driver traveling down Laramie did not see Logan in the road until it was too late. Logan died in the street, right in front of his home.

“You always hate to hear of someone losing their own life, but when it happens to be someone on your own block, it kind of hits a little closer.”

Heil described Logan as a “jolly neighbor” who loved to work outdoors but things across the street weren’t always happy.

“I just witnessed a couple times when the police were here, knew there was some kind of altercation. There was a standoff at one time, as far as I know no one was harmed at that time,” Heil said.

Heil wishes there was something he could’ve done something to help the couple, as he stands across the street and notices Logan’s construction work boots still sitting on the front porch.

“You hate to feel like you've lost part of the neighborhood.”

No one else was injured in the crash. There will be no charges filed.