New full-time firefighter begins career with special delivery

TONGANOXIE, Kan. -- At 6 pounds, 12 ounces, baby Macklin was more than ready to meet the world. In fact, he couldn’t even wait to be delivered at a hospital.

Mom Alicia Stoltenberg felt the contractions Saturday morning and knew it was almost time. She asked her husband to drive their two other kids to a friend's house.

As Stoltenberg waited for her husband to come home, she drew a bath and sat in the tub.

“While he was in the car for those 20 minutes, my contractions started getting a lot harder, a lot stronger, and a lot closer together,” she recalled.

A call came into the Tonganoxie Fire Department for an emergency childbirth. Captain Adam Griffith and James Davis arrived within minutes.

“The baby was coming when we were there so we had to go right to work,” said Davis.

“They showed up and I reached down and I could feel his head. It’s time. He’s coming. I need to push,” Stoltenberg said.

This emergency delivery was the start to Davis’ career as a full-time firefighter after serving as a part-time and volunteer.

“This town is full of great people; it’s a nice town to work for. It was nice to bring another one into the world,” said Davis.

Macklin’s unconventional birth story will be told for years to come.