Metro mom hopes drivers more careful with school in session after son is hit while walking to bus

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. -- A little boy is in the hospital Friday night after a car hit him as he walked to meet his bus before school. The crash happened in Excelsior Springs, one day before his eighth birthday.

Xajavier McMillin's mom is urging drivers to pay more attention with school underway.

Xajavier was supposed to have his birthday party after school on Friday, but he`s recovering at Children’s Mercy Hospital instead.

“I lost it when I saw him lying on the ground,” Xajavier’s mom, Suzee Gilbert.

Gilbert says her son was walking to his bus in Excelsior Springs -- a block away from their house -- when he was hit.

“The bus was pulling up, he said he saw his bus coming,” Gilbert said. “A black truck came and clipped him a little bit, and then threw him into the next lane, and then an SUV hit him at 30 miles an hour.”

Gilbert says even before anything happened, her motherly instincts kicked in.

“I had a weird feeling in my gut, about three minutes after I sent him out the door to the bus, as soon as I felt that feeling, I heard the police sirens, and then I just bolted, like a bolt of lightning, out the door,” Gilbert said. “I saw like 10 police cars, ambulance, the fire people, all traffic stopped in all directions, I saw him lying on the ground in the middle of the next lane.”

Police say he was coherent enough to tell them his mom's name, their address, and that he was supposed to have his birthday party after school with some buddies.

“I got a Batman versus Superman cake; we were going to have cake, ice cream, chips, and sandwiches,” Gilbert added.

Staff Sgt. Larry Tarrant, with the Excelsior Springs Police Department, says this should serve as a reminder:

“The motorists and public need to be aware now that school is back in session, I think this is an incident we can learn from,” Tarrant said.

Gilbert says her son has a broken pelvis and some other injuries.

“His elbows are scraped up, his back is scraped up, and he`s bruised pretty good,” said Gilbert, “He keeps tearing, because the pain hurts.”

She says her son is usually careful when crossing the street. She suspects he either didn't see the car, or didn't realize how close it was or how fast it was going.

“You need to be careful, I don`t care if you`re in a rush, because you just got off work and you just want to go home, go home, go home, there are other people, and children out walking,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert hopes by sharing her son`s story other drivers will be a little more careful, and hopes parents also talk to their kids about being more cautious when crossing the street as well.

Police are still investigating, but at this point they do not expect charges against the driver in this case, chalking it up to an unfortunate accident.