False shooting report sends LAX travelers running, delays flight from LA to KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Reports of a gunman opening fire at Los Angeles International Airport have turned out to be false. Those reports Sunday night caused panicked people to run out of the airport and flights saw major delays. Police search the area but they say they found nothing. Airport officials say a person wearing a Zorro costume was detained during the incident, but it's not yet clear whether that person had any connection to the evacuation.

"I was just sitting there, and I just see everyone start running away from the TSA going away from it, so you just followed starting to run that way," Corey Skaggs, who traveled from LAX, said. "And people were just freaking out. I think it was a lot bigger thing than it needed to be for sure, but definitely everyone took the precautions, and I mean it was awful."

Skaggs says he was petrified and almost shaking because he had never experienced anything so terrifying.

Skaggs and others aboard his flight did not arrive in Kansas City until after 5 a.m., which was nearly five hours after the flight was scheduled to arrive.

"They swept every single terminal, everyone had to leave," Skaggs said. "We all had to go back to the TSA they had to check every bag that was on a plane, they had to go back through and do them again. It was crazy."