Joe’s Weather Blog: More storms then a nice break (MON-8/29)


As I type out this weather blog…storms are again forming in the heat of the afternoon. Temperatures in the area are 85-90° and the dew points are into the 70s. the atmosphere is uncapped so the clouds are having no issues growing vertically. Right now there are a hand full of hit or miss cells popping. We should see more through 8-9PM or so. Don’t leave home without an umbrella for the next 3 days (into Wednesday)


This evening: What storms that form will start fading towards sunset. Again rather hit or miss. They really can’t be location predicted but we can see the potential for buildups which are happening now. Once the air starts stabilizing this evening, like last night the cells will die out quickly. Lows near 70°

Tuesday: Same situation it appears…highs into the 80s

Wednesday: Somewhat different but the same results. A cold front will change things up though and when it passes through later in the day…that will finally change up the atmosphere and cooler and drier air will come into the region for Thursday morning.


Might as well start with radar…again.

Showers/some storms and boundaries are everywhere it appears. The atmosphere is hot and humid in the lower part at least. It’s unstable and cumulus clouds are building into towering cumulus clouds which will turn into cumulonimbis clouds.

The winds in the atmosphere above is are also rather light. So the cells aren’t moving much…they essentially rain themselves out in localized areas. Last night we saw places get 1-3″ of rainfall creating localized flooding in the evening. There could even be a microburst or two with some of the stronger cells as they collapse. We saw that yesterday evening towards Ottawa with some wind damage.

I saw some interesting video from Columbus, OH this morning capturing a wet microburst from over the weekend. Something like this is possible in these type of weather scenarios for the next couple of days. There weren’t any confirmed wind reports from that interestingly enough. This is on Ben Gelbers FB page. He is a meteorologist at the NBC station there.

Meanwhile the phenomena of storms popping…generating outflows…and then new storms popping on those outflows continues locally. It’s really like trying to herd cats when figuring out who can get what. It’s actually pretty impossible. Last night we saw some colliding outflows from different storms bang into each other. This generated localized lift and that created some of the more potent storms yesterday evening in JACO MO>Clay Co and Platte Co. Radar indications were in the 2-3″ range.

Same thing could happen today just about anywhere really.

Tomorrow too.

Cold front moves in Wednesday

Cooler and drier air moves in for the end of the week. Sort of looks similar to the cool air mass from 2 weekends ago. Morning lows on Friday may dip into the 50s in some areas…and perhaps again on Saturday AM to start the holiday weekend. One other note…we may be looking at another top 10 summer day for Friday.

Meteorological summer ends on the 31st while meteorological fall starts on the 1st. I’ll have some stats for you in a couple of days…but after a dry June…we’re caught up in the rainfall department for most areas…and in some cases a bit of dry weather wouldn’t be a bad thing.

After a cool start to the month..w.e should again warm up next week. Right now the holiday weekend looks good, especially through Sunday. We may have some scattered storms in the area on Monday as the warmer and more humid air returns into the region in advance of a possible cold front

Our feature photo today is of lightning…there’s been a bunch of that lately in the area. The picture is via the the great Mark Schierholz (@dadiosradios959). Thanks Mark!




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