KCK homeowner says man shot during robbery won’t be living in his house anymore

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- KCK police are investigating a shooting and robbery. It happened near 63rd and Sloan Monday night.

Homeowner Floyd Brooks says the men were looking for his step-son, and says he wants to make it clear that his stepson won`t be living there anymore following the incident.

Brooks says shots were fired with several young children inside the home. He says his stepson was shot in the arm, and is expected to be okay. Police say a second person was hit with the weapon, and has non-life threatening injuries.

Brooks wants the men he says stormed his home looking for his stepson, not to come back and further endanger his family.

"It`s terrifying. Thinking you`re going to work thinking everything is okay and safe at your house and to hear something like this,” said Brooks. "I don`t want the boy here no more because he`s too much trouble. I have a family I`m trying to raise," Brooks continued.

Police say they`re looking for three black males who were in a Black Trailblazer. If you know anything about the robbery and shooting near 64th and Sloan in KCK you`re urged to call police or the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.