KCK personal care attendant goes in for job review but employer has a surprise up her sleeve

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A personal care attendant in Kansas City, Kan., recently thought she was going in for a job review, but it turns out she was going in for some personal care for herself.

"I wanted to recognize one of my aides, personal care attendants, who is an excellent caregiver for my apartment complex," Angela Newman told FOX 4.

Newman nominated Sherry Wilson for FOX 4's Pay-It-Forward Award and says Wilson cares about the neighbors in the building seven days a week to make sure they have nurse nutrition.

"We all love her, everybody loves her in this building, and she helps everybody in this building in some type of way," Newman said. "I just wanted to pay it forward to let her know how much we appreciate her in our community."

Wilson told FOX 4 and Newman she thought she was in trouble when she went in for her review and saw the FOX 4 crew.

"I love to do this," Wilson said. "I've been doing it for so long, and I love all of them."

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