Moldy mess left over from heavy rains can lead to a trip to the doctor’s office

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- When it rains, it pours. Mother Nature hit Westport hard this weekend -- flooding city streets and cars. And now, a word of warning: Doctors say leftover water could make you sick!

“Flooded cars can get mold in them.  That's very difficult to clean out,” Dr. Gary Salzman said.

Doctor Salzman says one in five people are allergic to mold spores -- the seeds that grow mold. This can lead to coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.

"That can irritate the eyes, the skin, the nose, the mouth, the lungs and cause people to have symptoms,” the doctor explained.

The most common place mold is found is in basements.

"I'll talk to them about did you get water in your basement, did you clean it up and the common answer is no, we have some black stuff that's growing in the basement,” he said.

Dr. Salzman suggests drying the flooded areas as soon as possible.

“The carpet they can usually dry with a fan.  The wet couch is usually not salvageable.  It's almost impossible to dry and get the mold out of it,” he said.

If you think you have symptoms -- like watery eyes and a runny nose because of mold -- Dr. Salzman says it's time to see a doctor.