Nelson-Atkins Museum begins campaign to find more space to display art

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Officials with the Nelson-Atkins Museum are beginning a new campaign Monday to find more space to display more art.

The museum currently only displays about six-percent of all the art it owns and the rest sits in storage.

While that is typical for most large museums, there is a desire to display more,  but with a limited amount of space in the building, officials are looking for a solution.

Museum officials revealed their ideas during a recent meeting with patrons and donors. A museum official told FOX 4's Matt Stewart that art storage and staff offices currently take up too much space inside.

One idea is to move staff from the third floor to nearby houses the museum owns, which would then free up the third floor for art display.They are also floating the idea of new construction, maybe a new restaurant on the grounds so they can move the current one out of the center court area, or even a new gallery like the Bloch wing, which opened about 10-years ago.

The museum is already in the process of modernizing one wing, as they turn it into a new Impressionist gallery centered around artwork donated by Henry Bloch, founder of H&R Block. That will open up early next year.

The museum also needs more parking for visitors because attendance has risen more than 30-percent over the past five years and continues to trend upwards.

All the ideas are in the preliminary discussion phase, no decisions have been made.

The public is invited to the next community meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 21 in the Atkin’s Auditorium.