Ex-con accused of violating probation crashes into authorities chasing him in Kansas City neighborhood

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A man's attempt to run from police ended with him crashing into the cops he was trying to outrun. It all went down in a quiet Kansas City neighborhood near East 110th and Wornall.

The man police were looking for was a felon who had just gotten out of prison and was on probation. He was allegedly violating his probation, and now police say he will face even more charges.

“I just saw people running through my yard,” said  Helen Byrne, a neighbor who lives right next door to where James G. Cates, the felon, was found.

“I saw a whole group of police tackling a man down right here across the street from my house,” added Ian Dunn, a neighbor who lives across the street. “Police had their house surrounded, they were armed…they actually had a handful of people sitting on my front curb there in handcuffs.”

Neighbors say there was a lot of commotion Tuesday afternoon.

“There was a subject who has a felon probation warrant, that was located at this address,” said Micheal Stokes, Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal in the Western District of Missouri.

U.S. Marshals and police had been scoping out the house for a while until they say Cates walked out with a gun holstered to his hip.

“He was previously prosecuted in the Western District of Missouri in Kansas City, for weapons and drugs violations several years ago, and went to federal prison,” Stokes said. “This spring he got out of federal prison, and he went on federal probation, and he immediately started violating the terms of his probation, by using meth, and committing a number of other acts that were not conducive with his probation.”

The court issued a warrant for his arrest.

“Today we served that, we observed him in the yard at this address, and we took him into custody, after a very brief foot chase,” Stokes says, “When units moved in to effect the arrest, he and another individual in the yard took off running.”

He made it just a short distance and was caught after running straight into a KCPD police car.

“He was looking one way, and didn’t see the other units moving in,” added Stokes.

Neighbors say they're happy he, and the many others who moved in the house about two months ago, are gone.

“There`s been a lot of commotion that were not used to in this neighborhood,” said Dunn, “I`ve seen a lot of cars, coming and going at different hours of the night.”

“There`s an awful lot of action going on over there all the time, they move things in and out of that trunk, and I`ve never known what they`re doing,” said Byrne.

Many people in the neighborhood say they're hopeful those who were arrested today are gone for good.