Iowa girl who fell under lawn mower learns to walk again after leg amputation

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa —  A woman who lost part of her leg in a motorcycle accident when she was 21-years-old is now helping a little Council Bluffs girl learn to walk again after she lost her leg in a lawn mower accident.

In May, Taryn Graalfs, now 3, fell under a riding lawnmower.

“The person who was watching her went to go help her, and then she fell further into a ditch, and landed underneath the mower,” her mother, Tonya Streck, told WOWT-TV after the accident.

 On Tuesday, Taryn received a new prosthetic leg and has been practicing with the help of her new friend Jenny. (Watch the video of Jenny and Taryn on the playground in the video player above.)

“I think right now, she is three and it is exhausting to wear it. It is like working out literally for an hour,” her mom said.

She reminds everyone that anytime there is a running lawnmower, kids should be inside and supervised.

“I mean, mowing a lawn you can kick a rock, let along lose a limb,” said Streck.

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.A GoFundMe page has been set up for Taryn and her family.