Woman forced to walk through crowd of men at Jackson County jail says one groped her

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A woman who says she was sexually assaulted more than three months ago by a male inmate at the Jackson County Detention Center, now wonders why more wasn't done then to prevent more assaults on female inmates.

On Sunday, FOX 4 broke the story to Kansas City, that two female inmates told police they were raped inside their own jail cells.  In response, the city manager ordered all female inmates at the jail to be moved to the Platte County jail.

As former United States Attorney Todd Graves leads an independent investigation into the sexual assaults of female inmates by male inmates, FOX 4 has learned of another case of sexual assault behind bars.

The woman, Colette Simons, says she was arrested in May for domestic violence.  The Kansas City housewife says the corrections officer put her in a holding cell with male inmates.  Instead of removing her before bringing in the men, she says the correction officer had her walk through the crowd of male inmates. That's when, she says, one of them groped her.

According to court documents Roy Meekie, 44, was charged with intentionally causing an unlawful, offensive contact by touching Simon's private area.

"None of them were handcuffed and I'm just expected to stand  there and walk into this crowd of all these men and stand next to them and I got touched," said Simons.

FOX 4 called the detention center for a response to the story Simons told, but as of Tuesday evening we had not heard back from them. If we do, this story will be updated with their statement.