Woman near St. Louis charged for Facebook post showing dog’s snout tied shut

SHILOH, Ill. — They say there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. One 24-year-old woman from Shiloh, Ill. — about 30 minutes east of St. Louis — is in hot water after posting a photo of her dog with a shoestring tied around its snout, KTVI reports.

The Shiloh Police Department reportedly received several notifications online about a Facebook post from a user named Sarah Beth Boothby showing her dog with its snout tied shut with the caption, “When you chew up mommy’s shoe laces…”

Police located Boothby, who said she had the shoestring around the dog’s snout for less than a minute.

The dog appeared to be in good health otherwise, KVTI said.

Police charged Boothby with one count of cruelty to an animal because the laces were tied “in a manner that appeared that it could restrict the dog’s air flow.”

It is not known if the dog was removed from the home.

In January, a Kansas City police officer found a dog along Bannister Road that had been left with its snout tied shut for so long, it left the dog with a painful open wound on its face. Fortunately for that dog, nicknamed “Bannister,” KC Pet Project helped heal the wound and found him a loving home.

Whether Boothby’s actions were done with malice or just as an ill-advised joke, let it be a lesson, pet owners. Always be kind to your pets.