Women use signs such as ‘Hang Up Your Phone’ to communicate with other drivers

HOUSTON — About a decade ago, a woman found a perfect birthday present at the dollar store for one of her girlfriends, and the two have been using the present ever since.

According to KHOU-11 in Houston, Holly Seltz and DeeDee Jones began carpooling together about ten years ago. That was when Jones bought Seltz some 8×10 laminated signs with targeted messages printed on either side. She says she found them at the 99-cent store and knew that they would be a perfect present.

Their favorite sign says, ‘Hang up the phone and drive.’

The signs aren’t all scolding. One says, ‘Let me in?’ and another says ‘Thanks.’

Watch the video in the player above for how their signs are received by other drivers and their family and friends.