Mom says son killed in Kansas City crash was her calming influence, a loss that’s left her in agony

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A young man is dead after crossing paths with the victim of a shooting. The shooting victim ran a red light at 63rd and Prospect on Tuesday night while trying to make it to the hospital.

He collided with Patrick Mercer, and the impact then pushed Mercer's truck into a minivan. That driver of the minivan was hurt, but survived; Mercer did not.

CrashVictimAndMomHis mom, Jackie Mercer, said she has to keep busy, otherwise she'll just cry. One thing that did seem to help her pain was talking about what a wonderful man her son was, and she sat down and spoke with FOX 4's Judy Le.

“My heart actually hurts. It just hurts. I have a big part of me that feels like it just came out of my body. I’ll never have my Patrick again,” Jackie said.

The tears haven’t stopped streaming down her face since she heard of her son’s death. She was in Dallas when her other son called about Patrick.

“Helpless because I’m so far away. My son Kelly ran to him and told him it was going to be okay. Took his pulse, listened for his heartbeat, both were present at the moment. Just told him it was going to be okay,” she said.

Police say a man who had been shot ran a red light and crashed into Patrick, who was driving his pickup truck. He had just finished rugby practice and was on the way to get dinner with his teammates.


“He was just a magnificent young man. Anybody who knew him, knew that he would be your friend and would do anything for you,” said Jackie.

What numbs the pain for Jackie is talking about happier times. Patrick just turned 24, graduated from college, and landed his first job. He was her second child, a son she described as “her calm before the storm,” a calm she’ll never have again.

“It’s another loss for another family. I’m not sure if we can get through this. I don’t know how to. I have two other boys and I’ll pour everything into them of course. But my middle, my calm before the storm between my two storms is gone for no reason,” she said.

Jackie said to the very end, her son knew he was loved. The last thing she told Patrick was "I love you" in a phone call.