Northeast High School student says men she didn’t know followed her as she walked home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Imagine your child coming home from school in a panic because strange men were following her as she walked home. A metro student says it happened to her, and now she’s warning to others about her experience

“Whenever my friend walked away, I just turned around and could see the car was following me,” said 16-year-old Kayla McCallister.

McCallister was walking home Tuesday from Northeast High School in Kansas City in her cheerleading uniform when she noticed she was being followed men she didn't recognize, in a grey Chevrolet.

“I stopped to say goodbye to my friend, they pulled up beside us, stopped, turned off their vehicle, so then he walked off, and I started walking toward my house again, and then they started up the vehicle, started driving really slow,” added McCallister.

Around 3 p.m., Rick Bush was working on McCallister mom's house because he`s the landlord.

“When I came outside, I recognized her daughter walking home, so I took a second look, and I saw that she was definitely upset about something and she was looking behind her,” said Bush. “They had pulled over on the side of the street, and were watching her while she walked.”

Bush asked her what was going on, and she told him, so he walked toward the car.

“Trying to see if it was just kids following her home, and it was not kids, it was two adult men,” Bush said.

When they saw him coming, Bush says they turned and went up the side street.

“They pulled over to the side, and sat there, for about 30 minutes across the street from my house,” McCallister added.

The McCallisters called police and filed a report -- but the men drove off before anything happened.

“She was very upset,” said Lisa McCallister, Kayla’s mom, “She`s just like, mom, mom, these guys were trying to get me.”

Lisa says police told her they would contact the school and have them put out extra patrol.

“I’m very concerned about that, because I mean, they stopped right here, and stopped and watched everything, he watched her go in, tell her sisters, her sisters came out, everything,” Lisa said. “I`m just thinking, oh my god, this is so crazy, because I have lots of daughters, and if anything happened to any of them, I don`t know what else I`d do.”

Lisa says she met with the principal Wednesday morning, and wants other parents to be aware.

“That`s why I`m like you are not to walk home, I don`t even care if you`re walking with people, call me, if I`m not here, somebody will be there,” she said.

Kayla says she's freaked out, and wants to warn other students.

“If they would follow me to where I live, they could just come in any time, or if they were like, 'hey, get in the car...' or something like that,” Kayla said.

“Make sure you keep an eye out, see if people are following you, make sure you walk with somebody,” said Kayla. “No place is safe.”

The Kansas City School District says it is aware of this incident, and working with police.