Water main breaks in east KC neighborhood for second time this week

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A neighborhood on Kansas City's east side is dealing with its second water main break this week.

Residents of the neighborhood told FOX 4 the water main broke on Tuesday,  and city crews fixed it, but it broke again Wednesday morning.

At one point there was so much water flowing down the street neighbors said they had a hard time getting through.

One mom who was dropping her kids off at the bus stop turned around and went home. The mom said she didn't want her kids standing in the water.

"It's coming from 39th and Topping around there where there is no water standing there," Cynthia Pearson said. "All the water is coming this way and flooding us out and going on down the street."

Pearson says water main breaks are a recurring problem.

"This has been going on for months," Pearson said. "We have these brakes and they come over and they repair them. They just do a quick fix. Not trying to fix the problem. That spot up there, that was two weeks ago. They have it repaired it. They've got a cone up there. And now it's got this break."