10-day grace period granted for those needing to renew license plate tags after outage at JoCo. DMV

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. -- Power outage problems continue to plague the Johnson County DMV Thursday morning and because of that, the state is giving a break to those who need to renew their license plate tags.

DMV officials have announced a 10-day grace period to anyone unable to get their tags renewed Wednesday.

The DMV is offering the grace period after a lightning strike Wednesday morning knocked out their phone, email and Internet.

Technicians worked all day Wednesday to fix the system, but they were unable to get all the issues resolved.

Johnson County officials are asking anyone who needs to renew their tags to wait until next week to go back to the DMV to renew their tags in person to give them time to get everything back online.

If you don’t want to wait in line, you can renew your tags online. Just go to www.kswebtags.org and use the email receipt as proof if an officer should pull you over. Though with this 10-day grace period, you shouldn’t get ticketed for having expired August tags until after September 10. This grace period also extends to those who bought a new car and have a 60-day title expiring this week.

The grace period does not apply to anyone who needs to renew their driver’s license. That computer system was not affected by the lightning strike.