Man is carjacked at knifepoint in parking lot of popular plaza restaurant

KANSAS CITY, Mo – A man is held at knife point and his car stolen right outside a plaza hot spot. It happened Wednesday night, in the parking lot of Café Trio. Police are still searching for the suspect and as Labor Day weekend approaches, customers are concerned.

Cool temps ringing in Labor Day weekend, for Kansas City’s hot spot. The plaza is expected to be busier than usual, as families flock to the area for food and shopping.

“This is such a fantastic place to come. I come here two, maybe three times a week."

Dottie Robinson is a Café Trio regular. She says she loves the atmosphere and never once has she ever felt unsafe.

“Everybody is always so nice and considerate. You meet people, talk to people. A lot of professional people come here,” Robinson said.

That is why Dottie says she’s surprised to hear what happened just a few feet away. Police say a man was in his car, in the parking lot behind Café Trio just east of Mill Creek Park. That’s when the man says the suspect jumped in, pulled out a knife and told him to get out.

“I just, I just think it's terrible that this happened here.”

The suspect drove off westbound into the plaza and hasn’t been seen since. As dozens exercise nearby and couples take in the view, they say they’re saddened that even in the places they feel safest they now have to keep an eye out for danger.

“It's very sad but that's what it's come to. We have to protect each other,” Robinson said.

If you were in the area Wednesday night and saw anything, police need your help. Call Crimestoppers at (816) 474-TIPS.