Victim stabbed in road rage incident along I-35

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A case of road rage landed one man in jail, and another in the hospital suffering from two stab wounds.

Dozens of stitches trail along the victim's neck and arm.

The victim in this incident said his wife died several years ago of breast cancer and during the attack, all he thought about was his daughter, scared that what was happening would leave her an orphan.

Because of the violent nature of the attack, the victim did not want to be identified, but told FOX 4 what he said happened Thursday at the Interstate 35 off-ramp to 75th street.

The victim said 41-year-old Michael Cruchelow, who appeared before a Johnson County judge Friday, cut him off on I-35. The victim admits that the two played a little back-and-forth middle finger game, but when they got to the light at the off ramp, that’s when he said Cruchelow got out of his car and stormed toward him holding a hunting knife.

“He had the knife in his fist and he swung at me and when he hit the side of my face and the knife went onto my neck. And I moved back and put my other arm up because he was coming at me again and that's when he stabbed my forearm," the victim said.

Whe asked if he believes Cruchelow wanted to kill him, he said Cruchelow's eyes said it all.

“Yeah, I did. I thought he did. He kind of had the look in his eyes that he wasn’t going to quit,” he said.

The victim said other drivers began yelling that they were going to call the cops, and that’s when the attack ended. Cruchelow jumped back into his car and sped off.

Police arrested Cruchelow at his home in Gardner. When FOX 4's Shannon O'Brien went to Cruchelow's house, his wife said she had not talked to her husband and shut the door without further comment.

A posting on Cruchelow’s Facebook page posted Thursday night around 9:30 p.m. may shed some light on what he might say happened.

The post read, “sitting in Gardner pd station being detained for self defense.”

As for who police believe is the victim in this road rage incident, the victim has a message for Cruchelow: "It's not worth doing something like that for a moment of anger. It’s just not worth it.”

The victim said he wishes he would have stayed in his car, rolled up his windows and locked the doors instead of jumping out when Cruchelow came at him.

In court on Friday, Cruchelow expressed regret for what happened.