Woman crushed after cherished Air Jordan collection stolen in KCK burglary

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A KCK woman came home to find her apartment trashed after a break-in. Among the items missing was her treasured Air Jordans collection.

Police are still searching for the sneaker-swiping thieves. FOX 4's Robert Townsend spoke with the woman who spent thousands of her hard-earned dollars amassing those prized shoes.

When the burglars broke into Angelica Jones' home, they stole a collection that was dear to her heart.

"I love them. They're comfortable. I just started collecting them," 19-year-old Angelica explained. "I've always been a tomboy, kind of, growing up. It's just my style. I like J's."

Those cool, colorful, expensive, retro style Air Jordan shoes, made famous by retired NBA legend Michael Jordan, put big sparkles in Angelica's eyes.

"I bought at least, recently probably about one pair every month, and at the beginning of this year, I was buying seven, eight pairs a week," she said.

When asked if she initially set out to build a collection, Angelica said, "No, but I couldn't stop. It's like the only thing that makes me happy."

Now the young General Motors employee isn't feeling so happy.

"It devastates me. That was my life," she said with tears in her eyes.

Angelica said when she returned home just after midnight on Friday, she saw her bedroom floor covered in clothes, her dresser drawers rifled through, $100 cash missing, her roommate's flatscreen TV gone, and worst of all, her cherished Air Jordans had been stolen.

"All my shoes, gone," she said. "I worked so hard for everything that's in that closet. You know, why would you want to take that from me?"

In the meantime, Angelica and her mom posted photos of the stolen goods on social media, hoping for some form of justice.

"I know I'll probably never get the shoes back, but if the people who did this can go to jail, that'd make me happy," she said.

Angelica said the thieves made off with 40 pairs of shoes, valued at over $2,000.